Airport region Neubrandenburg - Ready for investment!

Perspectives for aerospace, industry and supply industries

Neubrandenburg-Trollenhagen is ready to go. In close cooperation between the federal government, the state, the district and the municipalities, the conditions were created to offer the first commercial space for a broad spectrum of industrial sectors.

Future development will focus on companies in the aviation and aerospace industry who use the expanded aviation system and generate aviation. Here, the location aims for greater involvement in the North German aerospace cluster.

At the same time, there are excellent development conditions for other industries with a need for cheap large areas in the vicinity of the airport.

Efficient airport with night flight permit
The Neubrandenburg-Trollenhagen airport is one of the most efficient air traffic systems in northern germany. Equipped with a runway of 2,293 mx 45 m, the approval for common passenger and freighter aircraft as well as with a night flight permit, it is an important location factor for more and more companies and institutions.

Commercial space with runway connection
In a first development phase, two investment areas with direct access to the runway will be offered for company relocation, a particular advantage for the aviation industry, air freight and air logistics. The former military tower is also for sale and can serve as an attractive corporate headquarters with excellent views.

Aerospace campus for research and development
In the future, with gradual withdrawal of the Bundeswehr, the aviation site with its monument architecture offers the best conditions for the development of innovations and technologies, for institutes, designers and founders.

Airport region with free airspace
The Northeast German airspace is underutilized and opens up the highest flexibility and best possible conditions for test flights. Above all, aircraft manufacturers, drone developers or parts suppliers are very welcome here to reach production maturity from Neubrandenburg-Trollenhagen Airport.

United Industrial Zone
In the large industrial area at the airport Neubrandenburg-Trollenhagen, ambitious projects can be realized planned and partially developed.